Cessna Citation Business Jets

The Cessna Citation business jets are second in name recognition only to the Lear Jet in the awareness of the public.

It is normal that there is some confusion among non-pilots when it comes to recognizing the different makes and models of jet aircraft in todays skies. They mostly look like each other and do the same things.

You have to be a fan of aviation to look up in the sky and see the difference between a Lear Jet and another jet from another manufacturer like the Falcon. You have to be a fanatic to look up in the sky and not only recognize a Cessna Citation at first glance, but see it as a Cessna Citation V/Ultra/Encore.

Most pilots can tell a Citation by its looks. It has a large windowed cockpit, a gently curved nose and twin tail mounted engines. Older models of the Citation were called Near Jets by pilots flying faster aircraft at higher altitudes because of the relative slowness of the early Citations compared to normal jets at those levels. If you were a pilot flying near a Citation it was common for Air Traffic Control to ask you to slow down to stay behind.

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